BCN Factoring


The BCN Factoring consists in the disposal of BCN (Factor) of short-term loans derived from firm sale of products and / or services that a company (Member) holds on its customers (debtors).

Factoring operations can be scheduled or occasional, ie operations that are continuous or end with the bill collection.

The loans can be ceded with recourse, which means the Bank has the right to claim them to the Member, relatively to loans that are not paid by their debtors.

There is also the type of assignment without recourse, in which case the BCN has no claim against the Member in the event of failure of the Debtors.

Financing Transformation of credit sales in immediate liquidity by anticipating a percentage of credits assigned.
Collection Managment
Management and collection of debts assigned to Debtors, with the early repayment of the balance paid according to the charges.
Risk coverage

Possibility of hedging insolvency of due interest within pre-defined limits

Personalization Factoring solutions adjusted to the needs of companies