BCN Investment Income Loan

To make your business grow is essential to know how to turn market challenges into opportunities to invest in improvements and innovations that can be crucial to the success of your business.

The BCN Investment Income Loan is a funding that aims to help your company in making investments that can leverage your business and secure the future.

The amortization of this loan can be made gradually over the medium term and is aimed at two target-segments:

  • Group 1 - Micro Enterprises, Entrepreneurs and Professionals
  • Group 2 - Small and Medium Enterprises


Group 1 – From 500.000$00 up to 5.000.000$00

Group 2 – From 2.500.000 (maximum to be determined case by case)

Mode of delivery


Immediately disbursement of the amount lent after completion of the formalization procedures


Minimum: 6 months

Maximum: 5 years

Collateralized maximum: 25 years


Monthly and constant payment of capital and interest

Believe in a solution created thinking about the future of your company!

 *  For more information see the Pricing.