BCN Monthly Interest Deposit

BCN Monthly Interest Deposit brings more tranquility and stability to your life.

Get a regular income safely, investing in an application that pays interest monthly in your current account.




Amount Minimum of 25.000 CVE and maximum of 50.000.000 CVE

90, 180, 365 and 731 days

Rates (1)

Term deposit in CVE

Nominal Annual Interest Gross

90 days - 2,00%

180 days - 3,00%

365 days - 3,50%

731 days - 3,75%

Reinforcements Are allowed

Renewal by the value of capital at maturitywith adoption of 2,00% ratefor the periods of  90 until 731 days in accordance with the pricing inforce.

Early mobilization
Possible at any time of the financial aplicattion, with interest penalty.
Regime Fiscal Income tax is applied, with tax rate equal to 20%


(1) For more information see the Pricing. 




 Click here and find the Saving Account Constitution Contract, Saving Account Reinforcement Form and the Saving Account Mobilization or Settlement Form

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