Mission and Strategic goals

The mission to which BCN proposes itself is to stand in the market as a universal retail Bank, with intrinsically Cape Verdean roots directed transversely to the domestic segments, with particular emphasis on promoting entrepreneurship and to intervene proactively in the development of Cape Verdean economy.

Strategic Goals:
To affirm itself as a national bank with geographical coverage across the country and connect with the Cape Verdean communities nonresidents (through representative offices and local correspondents).
To be a universal bank offering a full range of banking products and financial services (deposits, loans, transfers, financing, service provision) and to give particular attention to business and production in the country;
• To qualify itself as a modern bank that innovates constantly and introduces systematic improvements to the services by taking advantage of information and communication technologies.
To be a competitive bank, that in the prosecution of its domestic activity and through international afilliations, will give particular attention to the following areas:
International monitoring of the interests of the country, including the commercial, financial and investment relations, particularly with the U.S., Europe, ECOWAS and CPLP countries;
Streamlining the basis of private savings, including the capture of remittances and advice on their applications;
• Support for the productive activity of the country, especially in the export sector, tourism, trade, real estate and construction;
• Launch of new financial products and services in Cape Verdean market , thereby contributing to its continuing modernization.

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