Fraudulent E-mails

  • Wednesday, 18 June 2014 00:00

BCN warns their valued customers that are circulating fraudulent e-mails using the name and logo of BCN requesting the client data validation otherwise the client will have the account canceled. For your safety you should not access the links that come in the e-mail or provide any bank details related to your internet banking account, BCN Online.

The Username, Password or Key of confirmation are personal and non-transferable, and should not, under any circumstances, be transmitted to third parties, even if they identify themselves as bank employees. BCN never requests information’s about those data’s to customers, much less by e-mail or phone.

We caution that, when receiving messages on behalf of the Bank requesting to confirm your electronic address, passwords and/or other data of your bank account you eliminate them permanently and never access the links, much less open the attachments that comes with it.

The fraud attempts mentioned are technically known as Phishing.

Phishing consists in sending e-mails, that seems to be from known institutions and, with the excuse of data updates, commercial benefits or prizes, security matters, etc, normally with urgency condition, the recipient is asked to send personal or business data.

For more information, check specialty websites or the articles Security Tips and Fraudulent E-mails Alert.

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