ATM in UNICV in full operation

  • Tuesday, 07 February 2017 00:00

Since December that the “Universidade de Cabo Verde – UNICV” (Cabo Verde University) and the Palmarejo population in general has available an ATM machine to make their bank transactions, such as withdraws, transfers for the same bank or to other banks, or have access to other services like load the phone balance, services payment, etc.

The existence of this ATM in UNICV is integrated in the partnership between this education institution and BCN, that among other benefits, foresee the annual attribution of Merit Scholarships to students in the amount of 500.000 CVE.

The ATM in UNICV is one of the BCN’s twenty two available machines. Besides the ones in the BCNs branches from Santo Antão to Brava, there are other BCN’s ATMs located in Praia in the LG store in Rua Pedonal (Pedestrian Street), in Assomada in the Cosmo Comercial Center, and in São Vicente in the Fragata Supermarkets located in Ribeira de Craquinha and Avenida 5 de Julho. 



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