ACLCC realizes a Basquetebol Tournement to celebrate the World Cancer Day

  • Wednesday, 15 February 2017 00:00

The ACLCC (Associação Cabo-verdiana de Luta contra o Cancro - Capeverdean Association Against Cancer), a partner institution of BCN, within the framework of the World Cancer Day organized on February 4th, Saturday, a Basketball Feminine Tournament Under 16 with a non competitive character.

The Tournament ran on the Vává Duarte Sports Pavilion under the slogan “World Cancer Day - #Wecan#Ican and the teams that took part on the tournament were Acadesporto, Amibasket, Bairro and Prédio, having all received a participation trophy.

ACLCC is a non-profit organization that has as a mission to support the capeverdean population in the Cancer prevention and in the fight against this disease, in its many forms. BCN, as a partner of ACLCC, supports it through the donation of a monetary amount depending on the amount of the BCN Woman Deposit subscribed by its customers: for each 1.000.000 CVE of BCN Woman Deposit subscribed by the customers, BCN donates 5.000 CVE to the ACLCC. 

It should be noted that individuals are also invited to support ACLCC becoming associates and paying a monthly quota that starts on 250 CVE.