BCN - Banco Caboverdiano de Negócios, S.A. as a bank institution, sees sustainability as a factor that is intimatly connected to its business and believes that the operation that it sponsors, both for investment and consumption, should contribute to reduce poverty, satisfy basic needs, promote solidarity between populations and its geographical areas, preserve biodiversity, ecossistems and natural resource, fight against climatic changes, etc.

Managing a business in a sustainable way implies incorporate social, environmental and government aspects in its vision, mission and procedures, as well in the products and services that offers to the market.

In this sense, we developed a Environmental and Social Risk Policy that its incorporated in our global risk policy in force since January of the current year.

The main lines of action approved with the implementation of this policy show our commitement in integrate the social and environmental aspects in the analysis and risk of credit   process, in developing sustainable products that responde to the emerging needs of our customers, in managing our energetic consumption and in implement a consistent philantropy policy which is not limited in donations and sponsorships, but invests in a effectivelly way in society.

For knowledge of all of our Customers and the market in general we publish our Sustainability and Environmental and Social Risk Policies.

Equally, we assume the commitment of publishing periodically Newsletters and Reports about sustainability and BCN action in this scope.

2015 Sustainability Report

2014 Sustainability Report