BCN Salary Account


To have a raise you don't need to talk to your boss. BCN offers you the chance to triple your salary without many complications.

With BCN Salary Account may have an overdraft limit on your current account, up to 350.000 CVE and with a timeframe depending on your employment status.

Believe, with BCN Salary Account you can anticipate your salary up to 3 times without complications. Value your life!



The minimum overdraft is of 30.000$00 and the maximum value can be up to three times the value of your net monthly salary, up to a maximum of 350.000$00


Maximum of 6 months and adapted to the duration of employment in progress, in case it´s less than 6 months

Interest Rate Active

Depending on the degree of monthly utilization of the  overdraft´s limit

Instalments Monthly payment of interest owed by the salary account by debiting the account associated



Click here and find the necessary documents to subscribe BCN Salary Account