BCN Senior Solution


BCN Senior Solution is a current account for private customers with more than 65 years old, which gives access to many benefits, opening a range of new and good opportunities for whom believes that it’s never too late to achieve their dreams.



Offer of 1.000 CVE to be credited in a BCN New Generation Current Account for each 1.000.000 CVE of term deposit constituted by New funds (1)



Possibility retirement advance with exemption on interest charges (2)

Access to BCN Online and BCN Digital Statement

Exemption on the semiannual national currency account management charges (3)

Free payment domiciliation (Electra, CVTelecom, among others)

Access to savings products specifically to seniors with monthly, tree-month or other periods interest payment, according to the customer choice.


(1) Are considered New Funds the amounts that were deposited in a current account less than 30 calendar days and resulted from: Cash deposit (provided that there are no withdrawals from other accounts of the same customers in the bank); deposits in amounts drawn from other financial institutions; internal transfers (derived from accounts where none of the beneficiaries participate); interbank transfers.

(2) Provided that the retirement income were domiciled in BCN periodically and that the customer holds a term deposit in BCN of greater or equal of the retirement value.

(3) Provided that the Customer has saving account on BCN.

Standard Information Sheet