Opening Current Accounts - General Conditions


BCN - Banco de Cabo Verde (Bank of Cape Verde), through Notice 2/2011 of August 17th 2011, established new conditions and principles rule the current account opening process, looking on the one hand, to provide greater legal certainty to relationship between banks and their customers, and secondly, to safeguard the interests of customers and of the financial system.

In compliance with the above measure, significant changes are introduced to the current Contract Account Opening, adapting it to the new requirements (through the clauses contained in the General Conditions).

Thus, the forms used in the Bank's procedure for accounts opening (Signatures Form and Curtomer Form) were changed, being the previous models in use discontinued.

The Bank shall also hold an english version of these documents (Customer form, Signatures form and General conditions) that should be used when clients are non-resident and without knowledge of Portuguese.

Similarly, are also available on site, in English and Portuguese, the list of required documents for account opening.

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