Mortgage Loan Plus


Buying a house is the most important financial commitment of your life. On BCN we keep up with that decision and we offer you innovative and transparent solutions of Motgage Loan.


Discover the advantages of a monthly and fixed installment that includes life and multi-risks insurance from IMPAR SEGUROS.


Recipients: Private costumers, with fixed income and that are domiciled in the Bank.

Amount: Min.: 1.000.000$00; Max.: 25.000.000$00

Term: Minimum term – 5 years; Maximum term: 30 years, provided that the oldest of the borrowers do not exceed 75 years in the term of the contract.

Interest rate: Fixed rate. Minimum rate grid, in function of the LTV relation (LTV – Loan to value, that is, the ratio between the financing and the guarantee value). The above mentioned rates already includes the life and multi-risks insurance from IMPAR SEGUROS.


LTV  <80%        80% a 90%         90% a 100%
Minimum Interest Rate   8,50%        8,75%         9,00%


Special conditions for emigrants and customers under the BCN Gold Protocol.


*  For more information see the Pricing.