BCN Increasing Savings

Start saving without losing your breath.

BCN INCREASING SAVINGS is intended to all those who want a hassle-free savings plan, without risk and top remuneration. 

It is a savings deposit in national currency for the period of 731 days, aimed at individual customers with an interest rate that increases along the financial application.


Amount Minimum of 50.000$00 and maximum of 20.000.000$00
Term 731 days
Rate (1)

731 days term  
Period Interest rate
1st Four Months 1,5%
2st Four Months 2,5%
3st Four Months 3,5%
4st Four Months 4,5%
5st Four Months 5,0%
6st Four Months 7,0%
Reinforcements Not allowed
Early mobilization

It is possible at any time, with 100% interest penalty

Renewal Not allowed. Capital and interest will be credited to the current account associated, at the maturity of the application
Tax Regime

The income tax is applied, with the tax rate equal to 20%, except for emigrants


(1) Average Rate of 4,5%. For more information see the Pricing. 



Click here and find the Saving Account Constitution Contract and the Saving Account Mobilization or Settlement Form

Standard Information Sheet