BCN Welcome Deposit - Private

BCN knows how to give a warm welcome to new customers. Now, when you open an account at BCN you have immediate access to a savings deposit with a special rate. Enjoy the benefits of being a BCN costumer.





BCN Welcome Deposit is a savings deposit intended solely for New Customers (1) and New Resources (2).


Amount Minimum of 50.000$00 and maximum of 15.000.000$00
Rates 90 days
Rate (3)
Unique and fixed rate of 5%
Reinforcements Not allowed
Renewal Not allowed. Capital and interest will be credited on maturity, on the D.O. assotiated current account.
Earlier mobilization Possible, but with 100% interest penalty.
Tax regime
The income tax is applied, with the tax rate equal to 20%, except for emigrants


(1) New Private Customers are those with new opened accounts where the first account holder is not until the date a first account holder in other accounts in BCN.

(2) New Funds are amounts that, from the perspective of the customer were deposited less than 30 calendar days in his current account and resulted from: Cash deposit (provided that there are no withdrawals from other accounts of the same customers in the bank) deposits in amounts drawn from other financial institutions; internal transfers (derived from accounts where none of the beneficiaries participate); interbank transfers.

(3) For more information see the Pricing



 Click here and find the Saving Account Constitution Contract and the Saving Account Mobilization or Settlement Form

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