BCN Woman Deposit



BCN, in partnership with the Capeverdean Association against Cancer (ACLCC), created the BCN Woman Deposit, a term deposit that offers excellent conditions to its customers and allows them to actively contribute in the fight against Cancer:

Every 100.000,00 CVE  in BCN Woman Deposit made by the customer, BCN gives 500$00 to ACLCC.

Make a Woman Deposit on BCN and help you too ACLCC.



Amount Minimum of 1.000 CVE e maximum of 50.000.000 CVE
Term 365 and 731 days
Rate (1)

365 days - 4,25%

731 days - 4,75%

Reinforcements At any time during the term of the ongoing term deposit, in multiples of 1000 CVE
Renewal Automatic, for the same period. Capital and interest will be credited on maturity, on the associated current account.
Early mobilization

It is possible at any time of the financial aplication, with interest penalty

Tax Regime
Income tax is applied, with tax rate equal to 20%


ACLCC (Capeverdean Association against Cancer) is a non-profit organization that has the mission to encourage the cancer prevention and fight against the disease alongside to those who suffer from it.(1) For more information see the Pricing



 Click here and find the Saving Account Constitution Contract, Saving Account Reinforcement Form and the Saving Account Mobilization or Settlement Form

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