BCN Euro Express Luxembourg



BCN Euro Express Luxembourg it's a money transfer service available to all capeverdeans that lives in Luxembourg and wants to send money to an account in Cabe Verde and offers low costs, speed and ease.


How BCN Euro Express Luxembourg works?

 1. The customer goes to any  Post Luxembourg desk and indicates that needs to  make a deposit on BCN bank account in  Post Luxembourg (“Dépot sur compte tiers Nº IBAN LU86 1111 7019 8391 0000)


Makes a bank transfer from his account on Post Luxembourg or in another bank to BCN's account on Post Luxembourg (NNº IBAN LU86 1111 7019 8391 0000). Transfer can also be made by Internet Banking.

2. The Customer has to indicate his name and adress and the following informations to be included as comments ("Communication"): Name of the remmitance and his account number on BCN;

3. If the customer makes a deposit on BCN account on Post Luxembourg he/she pays 1,20 euro. If the Customer make a transfer to BCN account on Post Luxembourg no expenditures will be charged.*

5. The customer receives/saves the printed proof of the deposit (”Copie Client”);

6. In 24 hours tops, the money will be available in the beneficiary account in Cabo Verde, without having to fill forms or frontloading of codes;

The amount of this charge reverts all to Post Luxembourg. Any changes on this amount stems only and only of the pricing review of Post Luxembourg.

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