Electronic Documents



Now, all the Customers of BCN with e-mail address associated to their current account and access to BCN Online have available in their e-mail and/or  in the menu “Overview > Electronic Documents>View” of  BCN Online, the proof of movements made in their account, such as:  

  • Proof of Payment Orders Issued;
  • Proof of Payment Orders Received;
  • Proof of Transfers between BCN’s accounts – debit or credit;
  • Proof of Transfers sent  to other banks;
  • Proof of Transfers received from other banks;
  • Proof of Other Debit and Credit Movements (Deposits, Withdraws, Check Payments, Service Payments – Electra, Assurance Companies, Telecommunications, Etc)

The electronic documents are available in the day after the operation execution and its denomination obeys the following structure:

  • Operation type description_Account Number_Operation Number_Document Number_Date.

 Example of the denomination of an electronic document (in portuguese) regarding of an operation of transfer between BCN’s accounts on July 1rst, 2016, by the customer with account number 123456, with operation number equals 45678912 and document number equal 21987654: 


On BCN Online the electronic documents are organized by value date of the operation execution.

It is possible to search for an document type by using the browser feature CTRL+F.


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