BCN Visa Electron


With BCN Visa Electron you will feel always home because even abroad you'll be able to make movements on your current account with the same confidence, safety and speed as when you are in Cabo Verde.

Visa Electron is a domestic and international debit card, belonging to the VISA Network, accepted worldwide and with which you can have immediate access to your current account, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

BCN Visa Electron offers much more:

  • SAFETY: BCN Visa Electron card has a CHIP, thus, your personal data and codes are much safer and with more barriers in case of fraud or attempted cloning.
  • CONVENIENCE: When traveling abroad it won´t be necessary to carry cash or load card balance.


Use your BCN Visa Electron in Cabo Verde with the same features of Vinti4 card.

Abroad, you have the possibility to make purchases in 20 million stores and withdraw money at 2 million ATM's, as if in Cabo Verde.

  In Cabo Verde Abroad
Allowed operations All operation on Vinti4 net

ATM Withdrawal


Account Balance Inquiry (1)

ATM Withdrawal (2) Up to 20.000 CVE/day Up to 400 EUR/day
POS purchase (2) Up to 500.000 CVE/day Up to 5.000 EUR/day
Internet Purchase (2) Up to 500.000 CVE/day Up to 5.000 EUR/day
Transactions without PIN Not allowed Allows
Transactions without PIN in terminals with no keyboard Not applicable Allows
Transactions Card-Not-Present (CNP) Not applicable Allows
Transactions Card-Not-Present (CNP) without CVV2 (3) Not applicable Allows


(1) Available or not according to the terminal 
(2) Maximum amount allowed during the day, always conditioned to the available balance in the customers current account.
(3) CVV2 corresponds to the three last digits that appears in the back of your card.



Click here and find the BCN Visa Electron Subscription Form and the User Manual


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