BCN Digital Statement

Thinking in new ways to reinforce and improve its relationship with its Customers, BCN developed BCN Digital Statement, a free service that offers more control, security, practicality and comfort.

What is BCN Digital Statement Service?

It is a free service which sends to an e-mail address indicated by the Customer, a detailed digital statement relative to the previous month that contains the movements of your current account and your integrated position in BCN in terms of Resources and Loans.

What benefits does this service offers?

Control and Safety - Monthly you will be able to check all movements made in your account;

Practicality and Comfort – Allows access to your account statement without having to go to a BCN branch or fill forms. You’ll be able to receive your statement through the e-mail wherever you are, whether in Cabo Verde or abroad.

How to join BCN Digital Service Statement?

To join BCN Digital Statement you must fill and sign the Membership Form and deliver it in any BCN branch.

Click here and find the BCN Digital Statement subscription form

  • Last modified on Friday, 22 September 2017 16:34