Western Union


Western Union is in business for over 150 years. Currently with over 515.000 points of sale Agents in over 200 countries and territories, millions of people choose Western Union to send and receive money. Western Union helps you to send money quickly and the recipient can receive it minutes later at points of sale Participants Agents anywhere in the world.

How to send money?

  • Go to a BCN branch?
  • Provide to the employee all the information requested, such as name, surname and address of both the sender and the recipient, and in some cases an answer to a test question;
  • Present to employee valid identification (ID or passport)
  • Receive receipt and MTCN code;
  • Communicate the value and code and of transfer code (MTCN), and, if necessary the answer to the test-question;

How to receive money?

  • Go to a BCN Branch;
  • Provide to the employee the code (MTCN) and all sender and beneficiary data, and, if requested, the answer the test-question;
  • Present to employee valid identification (ID or passport;
  • Sign the receipt and collect the money.


Click here and find the Western Union forms to send and receive money

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